The package includes two cards with altogether ten fixing pins. These are for adjusting and setting the predefined therapeutic factors.

The pin is equipped with self-adhesive surfaces on the front and back, which are covered with protective paper. On the top, the adhesive surface is on the crossbar. On the bottom, the adhesive surface is on the tip of the pin.

Separate a pin from the card and remove the protective paper. Prepare the pin for use as follows.

The top disc has a hole, allowing the therapeutic factors to be preset to precision. The two discs under this have sections displayed at their edges. These are each denoted with a therapeutic factor. If a certain section is turned under the hole, the therapeutic factor that matches this will appear in the respective window on the disc.

This default setting can be fixed using the fixing pin, as described, on the following pages.

Hold the top disc so that the hole is directly in front of you.
Turn the second disc beneath this with the red edge until the desired CHO ratio appears under the hole. Now hold this disc together with the top one in this position.
Turn the third disc beneath this until the desired correction factor also appears under the hole. Hold the three discs in this position.
Now stick the fixing pin through both sections into the hole. Make sure that
the adhesive surface of the tip lies at
the bottom and on the crossbar at the
Pull the pin upwards until the crossbar fits into the middle of the hole. Through this, the therapeutic factors are set in the middle of their respective window.
Orient the tip of the pin towards the mapped out border and stick it on. Press the crossbar onto the third disc, which is on top, and stick it on firmly.