Sealing Labels

Preparation and Function
The package includes 10 sealing labels. These allow the ICT-TRIO® to be set to the adjusted factors three times. Additional labels can be ordered from the manufacturer.

The sealing labels can be marked using a standard marker (permanent). Fill in the name of the patient and their therapeutic factors on each label to be used. Fill in the therapeutic factors corresponding to the time of dayon the labels. This allows the patient to quickly recognise whether the values set on the wheel correspond to those entered on the label.

To stick the label on, pull of the protective paper on the upper edge of the adhesive surface and fold this downwards, so that approximately 2 cm of the adhesive surface is free. Attach this adhesive surface to the wheel, whereby both corners printed on the wheel will help you to adjust this. Then pull the protective paper away downwards and stick and spread the label downwards onto the wheel.
Each label is marked with a successive registration number and can therefore be used for documentation.
Note the registration number of the used label in the patient's files together with the therapeutic factors.