Safety Information

Before use

For patients being treated with ICT therapy for the first time, the therapeutic factors must be conveyed and determined within the scope of a medical consultation. The corresponding presettings on the ICT-TRIO® should also be carried out within this. As part of their self-help routine, advanced and experienced patients can carry out necessary adjustments to the factors in close consultation with their treating doctor.

Important notes for your safety

The ICT-TRIO® quickly and accurately calculates the insulin dosage to be injected in accordance with the preset therapeutic factors and entries from the patient. Our liability is exclusively limited to the correct calculation of the bolus, corresponding to the equation on the BASIS page at the end. The user accepts responsibility for the preset therapeutic factors as well as the entry of carbohydrates, blood sugar content, and the target value themselves. The injection of the calculated bolus is exclusively at your own risk. The sealing label prevents the presetting from being changed without the user noticing. If this is completely or partially separated from the calculation wheel,
the word “VOID” will appear. This means it is invalid. The accuracy of the calculation can then no longer be guaranteed.