Exceptional Physical Strain

Exercise and Sport

The calculation of insulin units is based on the assumptionthat your body's energy requirement is approximately the same every day. In the case of exceptional physical activities such as sport, your body consumes more energy and thus requires a high level of blood sugar.
If you perform the increased physical activity every day, then you are sure to have shared this with your consultant and they will have taken this into consideration when presetting your factors.
If, however, your sport only takes place on some days, you should discuss with your doctor how to make this increased blood sugar available while exercising as well as for a while afterwards. This may take place by consuming more carbohydrates while maintaining the usual insulin dosage from days without any sport as well as through an intake of fast carbohydrates such as glucose plates directly before and during sport. This must be clarified together with your doctor or consultation service. This also applies to the participation of school-age children in sports lessons. Here too, you must coordinate this with your medical consultation and the school administration on how the increase in blood sugar during physical exercise and a while afterwards can be guaranteed.

The German Diabetes Association recommends that people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics regularly take part in physical activity and provides support in finding a suitable kind of sport. When preparing for intense sport, diabetic athletes should work closely with their doctor and consultation service, as well as with a related self-help group if possible.