Sample Calculation

In the morning, the bolus needs to be calculated for a young person


  • Insulin to CHO ratio 13
  • Correction factor 50 (mg/dl), target value 100 mg/dl
  • Blood sugar measured 150 mg/dl

Read on the back side of the Morning wheel


  • 1 Croissant 50g 20 CHO
  • 1/2 slice oh whole wheat bread 10 CHO
  • Cornflakes 25g 20 CHO
  • Jam 15 g 10 CHO
  • 1 glass of milk 200g 10 CHO
  • Apple 100g 10 CHO

Sum: 80 CHO
Bolus: 7.2 IU

For advanced users

Example of Target Value Entry
The default algorithm of the ICT-TRIO calculation wheels contains the target value of 100 mg/dl for morning and noon and 120 mg/dl for evening. With all settings on the blood sugar scale, the target value is always left of the lowest value.

If a higher target value is desired, the appropriate bolus can be determined by setting the increased target under the bolus value for 100 mg/dl.

If a target value of 150 mg/dl is desired due to a planned sports session, turn 150 mg/dl under the insulin unit 6.3 and read off the corresponding bolus of 8.3 above the measured blood sugar of 250 mg/dl.