Bolus Calculation Simple and Safe with the ICT-Trio ®

ICT-TRIO is a new health care tool for patients with Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 who need bolus injections several times a day.
It consists of a set of three calculation wheels to determine the I-dose . Simply set the arrow to the carbohydrate units and take a reading of IU listed above the blood sugar.
Try out the bolus calculator using the virtual animation on the right.

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Simple and Safe

Together with your diabetes counselor, you can adjust and set your CHO factor and correction standard on the bolus calculator in advance. The bolus calculator is thus secured against improper adjustment. Presetting is quick and easy to do and can be carried out during your counseling visit.

If your factors change, presets can be re-adjusted. Patients experienced in self-help are able to make required adjustments and settings of factors on the bolus calculator themselves in close consultation with their physician.

The following factors are included in the ICT-TRIO:
Correction factor: in 100 mg/dl per IU,
preset values: 40; 50; 60; 70; 80; 100; 120.
CHO factor: in IU/CHO,
preset values: 0,5; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0; 4,0.
Target value: morning and noon = 100 mg/dl, evening = 120 mg/dl are preset . Higher target values can be set between 100 and 400 mg/dl.

Easy Operation

You determine, as usual, the carbohydrate units (CHO) of your meal as well as your actual blood sugar. You then position the CHO underneath the arrow and read off the IU indicated above the blood sugar. This procedure is so quick and easy that within a short time you will master the exact determination of your I-dose of at any time of day.

The ICT-TRIO bolus calculator does not depend on electrical energy sources or on the Internet and is reliable in operation. It is thus available for you at any time. It is therefore also an ideal adjunct for guidance and safe operation of pump therapy.

Appropriate Help at the Right Time

On the back of the bolus calculator you will find the carbohydrate units (CHO) of a hundred of the most common food products. CHOs are indicated both for usual helpings and for one hundred grams.

The slide rules thereby offer a universal introduction into daily use of ICT therapy.

Use the ICT-TRIO bolus calculator as a steady companion. It is a failsafe, manual aid that is always readily available to you.

Help for Self-Help

For Patients

Here we explain the ICT-TRIO bolus calculation using simple words and images as well as examples.

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For Medical Personnel

Here we explain the instructions required for pre-adjustment of factors and setting of the ICT-TRIO. Basics and sources are provided as additional reference.

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